Living in Las Vegas, I fell into this crazy career called impersonating.  I’ve been very successful, travelled the world, and I get to sing and dance every night for a living.  Along the way I have so many stories.  This one isn’t riveting for my first post, but I will share it since it’s late at night and I wasn’t ready for this to be published.  Stay tuned for interesting content later when I am more organized.

Well, I perform as several characters and this night I was portraying Lady Gaga for a huge event in Las Vegas at the Red Rock Casino (very nice).  It was on the other side of town from me, so I left really early so I wouldn’t be late.  I just sat there for at least a 45 minutes killing time in my car.  When it was about 15 minutes until I need to be there I got out of my car.  In Vegas this is kind of late because it takes days to walk through a casino because they sit on about four acres.

Well, I got in my trunk to get my costume and I realized that I didn’t have the shoes.  I was devastated.  How would Lady Gaga show up in a white patten leather outfit with sneakers? What killed me is that I could have driven back home and had them for the job if I hadn’t killed the time.

I rushed in and told the client my dilemma. The client had requested that particular outfit. What was he going to do for me?  Well, I had one failsafe up my sleeve and that was that I had some Lady Gaga boots in the car getting ready to take into the shop.  They were NOT color coordinated, but it saved my butt.

I felt like an idiot.  Oh, but I have worse stories to tell.  So many crazy things happen in show biz.  Stay tuned to find out more.

And thanks for reading my first post.

Coty Alexander at the Royal Hawaiian


It was this outfit above with with these shoes below. Not tragic I guess, but I’m a perfectionist.

Coty Gaga Live
Coty Alexander in San Francisco