I thought I’d share the process of getting a job.  I’m working on this proposal today and in fact I am waiting for news on which songs I will sing and which characters I will do.  I thought I would go back to when I first got the call to show the kind of process that happens for people with a job like mine.

This particular job is a corporate, one-time event in Las Vegas.  The call came from a producer I have worked with before, so she knows me and knows what I can do.  She called me couple of months ago to ask if I’d be available to do Gwen Stefani.  I was excited because it’s been a while since I performed live as Gwen.  She discussed some cool ideas about me doing Holdback Girl, and I explained some of my views about doing that in a  corporate setting.   One of my concerns was that the song Holdback Girl repeatedly swears and for a corporate, this is not a great idea.  Remember the part that goes, Uh Huh, this my Sh___?

Well, I hadn’t heard back from her in a month, so I thought I may have blown my own job.  But a week ago I heard that it’s on again.  Now it’s two weeks before the event in question, they have picked a date, and they have changed characters.  Now they want Madonna, so we chatted about song options.  She is a liaison to another big event planner, so there are a lot of people to go through for every move.  Next, she calls back and says that it will be two separate shows within four hours, a closing to a general session and an opening.  Well, the work just doubled for me and so the price just doubled for me.

We continued to work on two different shows, and now by the way, they want dancers.  The dancers would have to learn my choreography since it was so late in the game for me to learn something new.  We agreed to go through my show, Legends in Concert and do it with them so it matches choreography that I’ve done before and because they have dancers ready in place that have probably done it with me.  The only drawback is that I have done many version of these song with Legends and most recently did completely different versions.  I’ll have to clear the choreography cobwebs and hope that in the process of translations that the choreographers that teach the dancers don’t do a left hand instead of a right.

The producer and I designed the songs that would go in each set taking into consideration costuming and choreography and affect.  I got the music together and sent it in so they can start working.  Not more than 24 hours later, they have decided to add one of my characters and now I would do Madonna to open and Gaga to close.  My price just doubled again.  Now, I have less than two weeks to get this together, I leave in two days and I will have four days before this show goes off when I get back,  so tomorrow, I will be packing for both characters and my trip, getting all music together and hope to be speaking to someone about the strategy ahead.

Meanwhile, it hasn’t even been confirmed or contracted, and wether or not I’m doing two characters or one. I have no idea what I’m singing for Gaga or wearing at this point so this is my life in showbiz!

I’m waiting and hope to hear something today.  The fact is that I’ve got to get together what I’m doing regardless of having it dialed in because otherwise I won’t make it time wise.  I just hope nobody changes it or request different costumes, because I’m leaving in a day or two.  I also hope it doesn’t all fall apart. You just never know in showbiz.

In fact there will be times that you have two different jobs on the books, and someone else will call.  You’ll then confirm that the first one is or isn’t happening.  Sometimes it is your option just to pick one.  I will pick one in the name of work and forfeit the other one that didn’t commit in time.  Then, guess what, the other one that I picked may still fall apart.  It’s a real drag!

My life as a live performer couldn’t be more exciting!

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