My Life as Madonna

Actress, Singer, Dancer, Educator, Creator, Lover of Life. Performing live all over the world portraying Madonna and more in live concerts. It's a crazy job. Let me show you. Stay tuned


Hi, I’m Coty!  I sing and dance and act like Madonna.  LOL.  I do this for a living.  I never dreamt I’d say that!  But, I like what I do. It’s very much like being in a broadway musical when you portray a character from real life.  Not only do you have to be an actress, and sing, and dance, and do it just like someone else, but it takes skill and concentration in every moment that you’re doing it, unless of course you are an actual clone of the person. And oh yeah, you have to be entertaining and make the audience believe you.  I’ve been doing it for a decade and it has taken me around the world a couple of times.  I make great money, having amazing and talented friends and I love my life.

I enjoy what I do so much, that I do a few more highly Iconic Blonde characters as well.  Madonna, Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Marilyn and Britney!  I’ve been blessed to make an incredible living as an entertainer for most of my life, even pre-madonna (lol), and I’ve avoided having a real job. That being said, I run my career just like a real job, and it is!  I’m a workaholic, a perfectionist, and I love what I do. The best part of all is that I’ve learned how to turn my creativity and hard work into money.

It’s not an easy job no matter how much fun I have doing it, and performers have to make someone else have fun wether they are sick, or tired, or lost someone, and they do it during everyone else holidays.  Your welcome:)

Recently, I got a Masters degree in Education just because I felt like there was a side of my brain I never go t to use, and because I love to teach!  Shockingly, I graduated with honors Magna Cum Laude. I’m super proud of that!  Now I can say I’m not just some Iconic Blonde.  Please join my email list an tell me your city, so I can keep you informed on events.  And if I can help you become an amazing performer and make money doing it text ICONIC to 42828



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